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Photograph restoration and retouching

Transform your old photographs into the flawless images they once were! Digital methods have made the art of photograph restoration a much simpler task, allowing restoration artists to work on a digital image instead of the original photograph, slide or negative. Your photograph can be restored to its original state without altering the original image. Old photographs can be revived by cleaning up mildew, water stains, spots, and tears. The contrast and colour can be brought back to faded photographs.

With photograph retouching your photographs can be altered to remove blemishes, scars, people or objects. Colours can be changed, closed eyes can be opened...the list is endless! Unlike negatives, the digital image lasts forever and doesn't change in quality.

I am a fully trained photograph restoration artist, and spent several years restoring and retouching photographs the 'old fashioned way' using special photographic paints and pencils. This training combined with my experience as a graphic artist has given me a thorough knowledge of the software and hardware necessary to do this, and the colour expertise that's required to do it well.

How does it work?

  1. Send me your original photograph, 35 mm slide, or negative. Good quality reproductions or scans are also acceptable (originals will be returned).
  2. Your original will not be altered. All restoration and retouching is done on a digital image of your original photograph.
  3. View the final image on your computer before payment is requested.
  4. The restored image is printed on professional photographic paper, and sent via XPressPost or Priority mail.

How much does it cost?

You preview and approve your image before you pay!

Prices generally range from $40 for minor corrections to $120 for complex restorations. For a FREE estimate, email an image of your photo to me. Once I see your photo I'll be able to give you an accurate quote for photograph restoration or retouching.